Check out the 41st annual Rock and Gem Show and Sale titles "Petrified 2 - Another Look at Fossils & Mud Jaspers". Two of the Port Moody Rock and Gem Club's most memorable shows were 2014's "Marvellous Mud" and 2009's "Petrified" where the club exhibited an array of interesting fossils and sedimentary jaspers. In 2019, the club is bringing back the themes and introducing a few new special exhibits and guests. Don't miss one of Port Moody's hidden gems!

Show Highlights:

  • Educational and Informative Displays
  • Interactive Display Table
  • Dealers and Sales Tables
  • Spin & Win
  • Gem Panning
  • Rock Hunts
  • Silent Rock Auction
  • Closed Bid Gemstone Auction
  • Demonstrations
  • Refreshments

Admission: By donation