Sensory friendly kids clothing with no tags, soft fabrics and outside seams

No tags. No Seams. No Distractions.

Every single piece of clothing we make is designed with tactile sensitivities in mind. Soft fabrics, comfort waistbands, no tags and outside seams are just some of the features that make our clothing the most comfortable you will ever wear.

Sensory Smart Clothing Co. is a line of kids wear made specifically with sensory sensitive children in mind. Every piece is created with special features like no tags, outside seams and ultra soft fabrics to ensure it is comfortable for all children, even those with tactile sensitivities. 

All of our items are proudly made in BC, Canada in small batches with most of the work taking place in our home studio in Port Moody.

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Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

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Contact(s): Alison Edwards
Address: Port Moody, BC
Hours of Operation: 8:00am - 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)

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